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Nashville Office:

(opens on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
2805 Foster Avenue, Suite 204
Nashville, TN 37210
Tel. (615)332-8351

(Directions) From I-24: Get off at Briley Parkway (Exit 54). Turn right (if you are coming from north) or turn left (if you are coming from south). Brilely Parkway will change name to Thompson Lane. Keep going straight to west around half a mile. There is Foster Ave. traffic light. (It's just before Nolensville Pike). Turn right. At entrance there is a M-Market gas station on your right and Thompson Lane branch library on your left. Behind the library there is a little park. After you pass the park you will see a yellow & brown two-story office building on your left side. (Around half block from Thompson Lane). Park either in front or in rear of the building. Our office is at the first floor.

(From I-65 or downtown): Take I-440 East. Get off at Exit 6 (Nolensville Pike). Turn right and go south around half a mile. Turn left at Thompson Lane. Turn left at next block (Foster Ave.) traffic light. 2805 Foster Ave. on your left side.

(From Green Hills): Take Woodmont Blvd and keep going east and it will become Thompson Lane. Pass 100 Oaks, and Nolensville Pike. Turn left at the next light (Foster Ave)between the library and M-Market gas station. Exactly 4 miles from Hillsboro Pike.

Clarksville Office:

(Opens on Wednesdays & Saturdays) 

694 Superior Lane 
Clarksville, TN 37043

Tel. (931)553-0211
Directions) From Madison Street, take Highway 76 (MLK Parkway) east.  Pass I-24 exit 11 and keep going eastward 1.2 miles.  Turn right at N. Woodson Road.  Turn right at second Brownville Road.  Turn left at Superior Lane on your left.  694 Superior Lane is on your right side. 

Bowling Green, KY Office 

(Opens on Mondays)

1005 E. 15th Ave. Suite D 
Bowling Green, KY 42104
Tel. (270)282-3619

(Directions)  East 15th Avenue off US Highway 31-W By-Pass,  One mile east of Western Kentucky University, across from Ichiban Japanese Restaurant, behind EZ Rent-It consignment store.

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Suggestions for Improving Results of Acupuncture Treatments

1. Give the treatment a chance. If you start the therapy, follow it to the conclusion.

2. Many people -- even some with medical training -- feel strongly against acupuncture, even though they haven't studied it.  Do not le such persons discourage you.

3. Do not eat large meals or drink stimulants such as alcohol within several hours before or after treatments.

4. Avoid pain relievers before and after treatment.

5. Try to avoid excitement or heavy work before or after treatment for several hours.

6. Follow all recommendations made by your acupuncture practitioner.

7. Regularity in treatments is important to your progress. Keep all appointments.

8. Maintenance or booster treatments monthly or semimonthly with the full moon/ new moon cycles can insure continued proper energy (Yin/Yang) balance and enjoyable healthful living.

9. Only disposable needles are used.

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Notice to our Patients    
1. Please wear loose clothing when you come for treatment. You don't need to undress in the treatment room, but avoid wearing panty hose, skinny jean, tight shirts with collars, etc. If you are a woman, try to wear a tank top. The pants should be able to roll up to just above the knees. 

2. Keep all the appointments. Missed appointment will mess up the treatment schedule for other patients and loss of productivity and credibility. If you are unable to keep an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, please give notice at least 24 hours in advance.